Planning Board

What do we do?

The Town of Washington Planning Board is authorized to review land use development applications to ensure that proposed activities are compatible with the Town's Comprehensive Plan in conformance with the Town Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations. The development review functions of the Town Planning Board include major and minor subdivisions, lot line modifications, site plan review, special permit application review, and wetland permit application review.

2024 Planning Board Meeting Dates & Submission Deadlines

For more information, please contact the Planning Board Secretary


10 Reservoir Dr.
Millbrook, NY 12545

Phone: (845) 677-3419 ext 116
Fax: (845) 677-2085

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Who are we?

Planning Board members are appointed to a seven year term by the Town Board. The current Planning Board members are listed below:

Chairperson: Susan Meaney (through 12/31/2027)
Emily Abrahams(through 12/31/2027)
Eric Alexander(through 12/31/2026)
Nicole Drury (through 12/31/2025)
Richard Philipps (through 12/31/2026)
Andrew Spence (through 12/31/2025)
Anna Hall (through 12/31/2028)
Adam Brandow (alternatitve)

Zoom Link to Planning Board Meetings:

Meeting ID: 879 3461 2181
Passcode: 968216


The Planning Board meets every month, typically on the first Tuesday at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at The Town Hall (10 Reservoir Drive, Millbrook NY 12545). These meetings are always open to the public.

We always advise that you check the calendar as meeting dates are occasionally shifted to accomodate holidays, religious observances, etc. that could impact the ability of the public to participate in the meeting or because there are no applications to review.

2024 Meeting Dates: Jan 2nd, Feb 6th, March 5th, April 2nd, May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, Aug 6th, Sept 3rd, Oct 1st, Nov 5th, Dec 3rd

Planning Board Documents & Forms

Legal Notices & Applications

Legislation and Comprehensive Plan

DEADLINES - For new Planning Board applications, in order to be scheduled on the Planning Board agenda, complete application packets must be received by the Planning Board  Clerk fourteen days prior to the Planning Board meeting. No exceptions.  

2024 Meeting Dates & Submission Deadlines

  • It is strongly recommended that applicants meet with the Zoning Administrator prior to the submission date to ensure a complete packet is being submitted.
  • A site visit by the Zoning Administrator is required prior to the submission date to verify site information and to ensure there aren't any violations on the property.
  • The complete application submittal packet must be delievered to the Town fourteen days prior to the Planning Board meeting to be included on the next Planning Board meeting date.
  • Failure to submit a complete packet will delay Planning Board review.
  • Violations on a property will delay Planning Board review.

Preparing Site Maps for Approval & Signature

Planning Board FAQs