Animal Control

Dog Control Officer

Anthony De Bonis

Phone: (845) 489-6148

Dog Licenses

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Agriculture and Market Law, no person shall own or harbor a dog within the Town of Washington unless such dog is licensed. Such license shall be renewed annually at fees determined by the Town Board of the Town of Washington.  The license is most important if your dog is missing from your property or picked up by a dog control officer. The tag enables us to match the dog and the owner.

  • All dogs over the age of four months shall require a license.
  • A Veterinarian certificate showing current rabies information is required.
  • A certificate of spay or neutering must be presented to be eligible for the reduced licensing fee.


  • Spayed or neutered dogs $8.50
  • Intact dogs $15.50
  • Exempt from fees if proper documentation is provided: Guide Dog, Service Dog, War Dog or Police Work Dog

Dog licenses are to be renewed annually through the Town Clerk’s office. They may be renewed by mail or in person.

In the event of an enumeration, unlicensed dogs will be assessed an additional fee of $25.00.

The Town has contracted with the Dutchess County SPCA to house any dogs that have been picked up by the Dog Control Officer.

If your dog has been housed with the SPCA, before it can be released you must:

  1. Pay to the Town of Washington the seizure fee of $25.00 for the first offense.  The fee increases by $25.00 for each additional seizure.
  2. Have a current dog license.
  3. Pay any mandated fees to the SPCA including boarding ($45.00 per day), vet services (as needed) and fees for shots and immunizations ($60.00).