Conservation Advisory Commission

Who are we?

The Conservation Advisory Commission was established in 1988 to aid the town’s boards and residents by interpreting local, state and federal environmental laws to protect the integrity of the natural environment within the Town of Washington.  We apply our shared knowledge to the ongoing preservation and improvement of our natural and man-made environments, helping to maintain the elements we all love about our town.

Who serves on the Commission?

Residents of the town and village are volunteers appointed by the town board.  Members serve a 2-year term.


Chairperson - Margaret Schneible

David Greenwood, Elizabeth Mandy, Howard Schuman,

Lisa Conger, Pamela Scott, Shannon LaDeau, & Walter Jacob

When do we meet?

The Conservation Advisory Commission meets the first Wednesday of each month except for February, March, July and November when we will meet on the second Wednesday of the month.

Want to discuss something with us?

We need to receive your topics and initiatives a week prior to meetings along with any supporting documents for members to review, and can discuss if we do not have a full agenda.  Also, at the end of each meeting there will be limited allotted time for brief public questions and comments.  Please join us at Town Hall or if Zoom is active, log in early and make us aware of your desire to speak and use the raise hand feature.  The Conservation Advisory Commission is tasked with advising the Town Board on matters affecting the conservation of natural resources within the Town.