Notice 06-05-2024: New York State Burn Ban has officially ended on May 14th, 2024. – 2024 Property Taxes are being accepted through the Tax Collector at the Town Clerk’s Office through May 31st. Starting June 1st, the Tax Collector will be unable to accept any 2024 Property Tax Payments. Please feel free to call 845-677-3419 x114 for any questions regarding Property Taxes

C.A.C Vacancies

The Town of Washington has 3 vacancies on our Conservation Advisory Commsion, effective immediately.

The Conservation Advisory Commission was established in 1988 to aid the town’s boards and residents by interpreting local, state and federal environmental laws to protect the integrity of the natural environment within the Town of Washington.  We apply our shared knowledge to the ongoing preservation and improvement of our natural and man-made environments, helping to maintain the elements we all love about our town.

For inquires, please send your resume and reason for interest to Town Clerk, Chrissy Briggs, at or call 845-677-3419 x100, 101 for more details.