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Dutchess County will be providing the local municipalities the Tax Warrant and Roll on or before December 28, 2017.  Tax Collector Mary Alex will be accepting tax payments once she has received the Tax Warrant.

Residents will be required to call the Town Clerk’s Office for the tax amount that is due.  845-677-3419  PLEASE, do not leave a message on the answering machine requesting that we call you back with the tax amount.  The Town has limited staffing and we have had many inquiries on this subject.

Payments will be accepted at the Town Clerk’s office by  cash or check, ACH Electronic Transfer, credit card or Visa Debit Card.  Tax Collector Mary Alex has worked with the Bank of Millbrook to accept an ACH Electronic Transfer .  There is a service fee for payments made by Visa Debit Card, which is $3.95 per transaction.  Payments made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express will have an additional service fee of 2.45% of the payment amount for Tax Payments.  Credit Card Payment authorization forms will be posted on the town website when the warrant is available.

It is recommended that residents consult with their accountant, tax attorney or the IRS Helpline as to the implications of the proposed Federal Tax Reform Bill.