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Saturday, December 9th from 2-4 pm at the Millbrook Firehouse


We are holding this meeting on a Saturday afternoon because we hope those of you who are mainly here on weekends can join in the discussion of this important issue.  As an important part of the Millbrook community, we would like to better understand what types of activities and programs we could have at the new Thorne Building to interest you and your families.

The project background: As you may know, a group of concerned local citizens have been exploring how best to make use of the Thorne Memorial Building.  After four meetings with the Mayor last spring, he announced the formation of the Thorne Building Planning Committee, charged with developing a proposal that would transfer this architectural jewel of the village to a new not-for-profit entity for use as a community center. I am the chairman of this committee. The other members are: Bob Audia, Rona Boyer, Matthew Calkins, Skip Ciferri, Thom Fiet, Ann Gifford, Bob Knapp, Patsy Pollack, Joe Rochfort, Grace Rosa, Betsy Shequine, Sarah Stack, and George Whalen. Oakleigh Thorne serves as Chairman of the Board for the non-profit.


1) To ascertain the best uses of the building for the greater Millbrook community.

2) To discover the costs of renovation and adaptation to meet these uses.

3) To develop a fundraising plan to support the renovation and operation of the building.

The first public meeting was held on October 10th at the Firehouse to which 250 people came. The second meeting was held on November 27th at the Millbrook High School and was also well attended. At that meeting Mayor Rob Brown addressed the crowd.

Our third meeting is on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th FROM 2 – 4 PM, AT THE FIREHOUSE.

Our agenda will include a brief recap of the 501c(3) non-profit status, a summary of the breakout sessions from our October meeting, and a recap of the November 27thmeeting.

All of us on the Planning Committee look forward to seeing you on December 9th.


Charles E. Pierce, Jr.

Chair, Planning Committee of the Thorne Building Community Center